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How to choose perfect adult onesies

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The adult onesies phenomenon is taking South Africa and the world by storm and the time has come for you to decide which snug suit is best to reflect your lifestyle.

Some keys pointers to consider when making your choice of adult onesie:

•    Where you want to wear your onesie
•    Style of onesie
•    Fit
•    Patterns & Prints
•    Additional Features

Adult onesies, or adult onsies as sometimes spelt, are a multifunctional item of clothing. The specific use you require, be it the extreme outdoors, music festivals, bedtime or even to run a quick errand will dictate the materials used to make the onesie you need. For example, if youre a keen summer festival goer, you'll want to look at a light polar-fleece material.

Whereas if it's mainly home use youve got lined up, then you'd probably want something snug fit and softer and therefore should consider a thicker cotton fabric, around 220gsm.


Regarding colour, the choices are generally brand specific. In the context of the traditional onesie for adults, colour range is less bold than animal onesies that are more suited to an outdoor music festival, for example. The colour palette is diverse and the options are endless.

In addition you can also consider adding patterns and prints to your favourite item of clothing. From the adorable snowflake, to the edgy aztec and the groovy animal prints – there is so much room within which you can decide whichwill best reflect your inner awesome


When it comes to comfort, nothing else will hit the spot like onesies from brands like aFREAKa. Now, here’s the crucial bit – how it fits. This all-in-one fashion craze is custom-crafted to make sure you can get your snug on, but each brand has its own take on size and proportion.

This is why a well-thought out photographic portfolio of the produce and handy style guides are important; you need to 10524099 4422022165247 2037910243 nget an idea of how the item fits on the body and how this correlates to your individual build. Don't be shy at asking the brand questions directly.


Additional features are proof of just how well the adult onesie has been received, and is also a reflection of how different markets have emerged with their unique demands. Features such as ears, tails, added feet, breathable material, hoods, mitts, inner lining, pockets, thumbholes and so forth all add to the onesie experience for any adult. These features add quirk, extra comfort, quality and help you create the perfect onesie look and feel for yourself.

Now you need to consider all these points and hold them in equal standing with your own personal style and needs. Colour, fit, print or no print – the choice is yours. Whether you wish to dance the night away or stay in and catch up on series, or both, the durability in both practicality and comfort will cater to your every need.

So, move on from being hesitantly curious of everyone else living it up in their snug suits and get one of your own! After all, 30 million plus proud adult onesie owners are a lot to ignore

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