Animal Onesies

The Animal Onesie

Who needs a spirit animal when you can release your inner animal in the most awesome way yet!

Is a simple onesie simply not enough fun for you? Animal Onesies take the trendiest item of clothing for a trip on the wild side. The Japanese term ‘Kigurami’ is literally translated into “costumed animal character” and it shows.

After spreading to the UK in the year 2009 it really started to kick off as a trend of its own. Ranging from the usual cuteness such as penguins, tigers, cows and lion onesies to the quirkier lemurs, unicorn and pug all-in-one designs. Animal onesies were marketed toward festivalgoers initally and like rabbits multiplied from there.

Taking the concept of the traditional onesie, the prints on the item were brought to life with additions such as tails, ears and feet. The caricatures are then brought to life by the eccentric customers who animate the adorable animals that envelope them in comfort and undeniable awesomeness. The fit is looser than a usual onesie which guarantees more freedom and more room for tail-swinging and the ability to get in and out of character for whenever such a need arises.

Among the thousands that have now taken to the streets with their onesies, Lily Allen has been spotted in both the pink panther and dinosaur variations of the fashion item. Miley Cyrus adds fuel to the fire with her viral ‘twerking’ stint as she rocks a unicorn onesie and the gorgeous Cara Delevingne is known to have a soft spot for the all-in-one fun wear.

And as if the animal print onesies weren’t cool enough, events soon began to take place all over the globe for honourary onesie-wearers were they could let loose with their paws up. Birds of a feather flock together so it’s only natural for all these snuggly animals to find a mutual watering hole where they can bust a move in style. Onesie South Africa were keen to rush in by holding the country's 1st official onesie party for 250 party-goers in Cape Town.

So enough nose-wriggling and head-scratching, go online and find browse the amazing animal onesies available in South Africa here

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