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Festival Survival Guide

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Festival Survival Tips From Those in the Know

I’m sure you’re thinking, aarrgghh another festival guide?! Yes, it's been done before, but we've put our own swing on things here at Onesie SA. We decided to ask some industry insiders and well known festival frequenters to give us some insight on how they do it. 

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Rocking the Daisies top 5 style 2013

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Rocking the Daisies top 5 style 2013



This past weekend a lot of you (and us) celebrated some awesome times at Rocking the Daisies. Now we all know this is just the start of a long and glorious summer festival season, so we thought we’d give you a heads up on the top 5 trends spotted at Rocking the Daisies 2013.

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Inject nostalgia at your next festival

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How to unleash nostalgic delights at your next festival


What could be better than heading out to the epic summer music festival with your friends? Custom made onesies that’s what. Beyond the usual animals and fiery prints now a world of snuggly opportunity has unfolded and it is a glorious site to behold. The Mrs Peas Onesies clan has given you the chance to take the onesie to the next level by deciding exactly what you want and where. 

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Pikachu, Tigers and Cows hit Sunflower Festival Cape Town

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Pikachu, Cows & Tigers onesie lovers rave at Sunflower Festival


Bela Pechau: Despite the rain, the wind, the cold and the mud, the people of Cape Town declared that they were over the winter and came to show their dedication to the outdoor party scene at the Ostrich Ranch. 

Starting on Saturday, through the intermittent rainfall, we reconsidered the important realities of whether to camp or sleep in our car, lying flat or being warm? Needless to say, warm always wins and the nip in the air was definitely bringing an even more obvious solution to my mind, I was going to have to break out my Pikachu onesie earlier than originally planned. 

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