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Video: UCT students try to be scary

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Are you scared of UCT students? Find out....

As part of the launch FOR the Onezee Monsters University onesie, we went to the University of Cape Town to see if students there had the scare factor needed to competed in the varsity Scare Games like the film's Mike & Sully.

There were some tears, some laughs and some genuinely creepy moments - see what happened:

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[NOW CLOSED] Win a House Party Package and #ForgetTheWinter


Drinks Hamper, Party Equipment & Onesies to be won

What a way to kick off the #ForgetTheWinter campaign! Nothing says 'Get out of my face Winter, I've called in back-up' like a good old house party. The kitchen counter drinking games, toilet queue debates, living room break dancing attempts - the Onesie South Africa crew love the party vibe and at a time when a festival is hard to come by, create your own, at home!

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