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Festival Survival Tips From Those in the Know

I’m sure you’re thinking, aarrgghh another festival guide?! Yes, it's been done before, but we've put our own swing on things here at Onesie SA. We decided to ask some industry insiders and well known festival frequenters to give us some insight on how they do it. 

We asked each of our insiders, “what is one festival survival tip you would give to people and what is one item of clothing you would never go to a festival without?”

Here is what they had to say:

Stephanie-B-5FM.jpgStephanie B (5fm DJ)
My festival survival tip is to pack a little "essential emergency kit." My kit always contains: wet wipes, plasters, normal headache pills, Myprodol, rennies (if you chew a few before you upchuck, it neutralises the acidity and it doesn't burn as much), Valoid, chewing gum, Rehidrate, condoms, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and a cheap ass R299 cellphone with a spare sim card & your friend's numbers saved in it.

The one item of clothing I would never go to a festival without is a good pair of boots... Wellingtons if it's rainy & muddy, and just good ol' combat boots or Docs if it's Sunny. You don't want to mess your feet up by stepping on a stray tent peg or getting your foot stomped on in the mosh pit. ;)

anne_hirsch_thumb_post_detail_web.jpgAnne Hirsch (The Anne Hirsch Show)
Attach a GPS device to your tent, all tents look the same at 2am after listening to Skunk Anansie. You don't want to wake up next to that weird guy you once played tag with in pre-school, believe me! 

My onesie of course. It's pretty much the best way to blend in with the cool kids. And in case you do lose your tent at least you're inside a moving sleeping bag. 


Archive.jpgLyle Jensen/Archive (MMD Records)
Don't go in with any expectations, go have fun, and just let the experience take you away.

Article of clothing for me is always extra socks. If you are not a barefoot kinda person like me, extra socks to deal with the change in climatic conditions (such as mud, extreme heat, or extreme moisture) can come in very useful...that and a light of some kind would work, but most phones have lights now.It helps in the night at venues you are not used to, believe me! haha!
By the way, this torch/light tip should be a survival tip actually.

Sway.jpgLaura Rix/Sway (Beartrap)
Always bring a ‘shower in a bag’ (wet wipes). If you are doing an over nighter at a festival, it’s the only way to survive. You clean your face, moisturize your lips, clean dirt from the corners of mouth, and freshen your armpits, behind your knees and anywhere else that’s…. well, not fresh. And if you give them out to passersby that you don’t know, it’s a great way to make new friends. Who knows, you might find yourself in a pickle and one of them might repay the favour.

Sunglasses…You can hide behind them during the day if you went big the night before. And you can use them to go incognito and avoid people making eye contact and trying to chat to you if you just want to dance. 
During the day, you can use them as a mirror to apply lip balm and a good pair makes you look uber cool. 
Also, if you spot a cute guy, you can slowly lower your sunglasses and give him a wink and then go back to dancing and that will really get his attention. Oh, and they protect your eyes from glare….. ;)

Jason-Koen.jpg Jason Koen/DJ Kilopascal (BasisCPT, Sideshow CT, Alba lounge, Mutha FM)
From my personal experience going to many festivals, I would say do not start drinking too early! Many times I have woken up and cracked open a beer for "breakfast"(although it’s part of the festivities) trying to be mainstream and all, then eventually passing out before 1am and missing out on some of the best acts of the weekend, I have lived to regret this one too many times! Rather enjoy a proper breakfast and get a solid meal in, as this is essential, before cracking open that beer.

At Rocking The Daisies this year I’ve learnt that a onesie is man’s best friend. And I’m not just saying that because this is for Onesie SA! I do not own a onesie as of yet but I have come to know that it is a good investment. I somehow managed to get my friend out of her onesie and I rocked it the whole weekend. It’s warm, comfortable and practical: perfect for festivals! for my next festival, that would probably be the only item of clothing I would take.

So there you have it - straight from the horses mouth!  
Happy summer festival season!


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