Find your spirit animal: A guide to picking your animal onesie

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Rar, Hiss, Squeal: Unleashing Your Spirit Animal

By Shelley Smith

Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh yes. The real you has taken true form. Congratulations for connecting with and unleashing your true self…your spirit animal. And now, for the rest of you…

Our journey to spirit animal discovery begins as all great journeys should. With…a ring. Jokes, that would be flipping fantastic. But alas, we first begin with the realization that each and every person, does, in fact, possess an inner ancient magic that is their own, unique spirit animal. They just have to unleash it.

The Quest:

Buckle down friends. The unleashing process is not a hasty matter. First you must breathe. All good things come from breathing, hey? Breathe and rest in the secret that, really, your spirit animal chooses you. It’s already inside you, running, swinging, flying around in there building up its power to do real magic in your life…once you let it out.


Practice inhabiting a conscious, present state of mind wherever you are, wherever you go. Mediate, keep your eyes, ears, soul open to afreaka_tiger_onesie.jpgthose things that give you that little ‘za-zing!’ ‘ba-bang!’ hey-yaaaa’ inside. Notice nature, notice animals, keep your mind and heart’s eye set on recognizing that connection if it presents itself.


Hop it. Skip it. Jump it. Fly it? You gotta move it to feel it! I mean how will you really know if you’re a salamander if you don’t slither? Feel it, love it own it, be it.


Are you a scampering nut and seed squirreler? Do you drink blood? Do you rip animal flesh apart with your bare hands? Are you a carroty carrot lover? Do you dream of king klip jumping into your mouth? All signs, all signs.


Where is your body and spirit most at home? Up high, down low…are you too slow? Do the oceans give you power or make you sour? Are marshes icky or the prime spot you want to snuggle up and eat chocolate cake? Mountains, are they too high or never high enough? This is where your spirit animal lives.


As with most areas of life, we get by with a little help from our friends. Spirit animal unleash is no different. You must make aware your inward journey to one or several close and trusted. In many cases, they are actually the ones to call out the animal, see it in your spirit better than you may see it, yourself.


Once your animal is set free, you are finally now…you. You must take on this new persona of spirit animal; own it, breathe it into your brain, your actions, your decisions, your life. Claiming and calling upon this truth within yourself will allow you to harness the deepest most primal power within you and allow you take the truest path. 

Now go. Munch those pellets, scale that cliff, dance with those sharks. Do whatever it takes. Your spirit animal awaits…

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