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At first site, you'd ask yourself, how can a fun, affordable label like Onesies have so many different styles from R350-00 and still provide such a great fit?! Well, the South African onesie legneds claim one thing and one thing only. Patience. Each garment is carefully handmade in South Africa to ensure when you want to rattle tail feathers, your tail feathers dont look like you're part of the hippo family.

Kids on Skateboard


Onesie offers adventurous, funky, adult-sized onesies that are lovingly handmade and perfect for music festival goers, surfers, sports enthusiasts and spectators, varsity students, Onesie Wednesdays or chilled out wintery Sundays.


With a wide selection of patterns, colours and prints as well as footed or non-footed, pocket and size options, Onesies are delivered nationwide from only R300-00. Let your Onesieful adventures begin today here!

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