The Legend of the Onesies

Wait, how did this Onesies thing happen?

South Africans have had their cupboards turned upside down with the introduction the newest, raddest item of clothing - Onesies. The all-hugging, envy-inducing snug suit has made waves in music festivals, outdoor adventures and bedrooms alike.


The Onesie, or sometimes misplet Onsie, has taken the world by storm. The clothing piece that started as sleepwear, was taken to the next level by an innovative trio from Norway to create the brand OnePiece.

The snuggle-wear turned street wear has redefined the rules of fashion, in best way. The trend made it's way to the UK and the US where styles, colours and patterns began to change to match the taste of the ever-expanding target market.

Onesies, or onsies if youre going down that route, are worn wherever you wish to wear it to. It is perfect to travel in as comfort and style is effortlessly achieved. Musical festivals where the temperature drops lower than the bassline of your favourite track is no problem when you're in a onesie.

From braais to movies, from live games to camp outs, adventures or time out is always made that much better when you're in a one piece.

Want to know what Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce all have in common? Apart from being iconic celebrities they all seem to have the same thing in mind when it comes to comfort and leisure wear. You guessed it, onesies.


Now that Onesie South Africa has opened the floodgates of awesome here on local soil, the snuggling frenzy can begin! With so many styles to choose from there is bound to be the perfect one waiting for you on one of our online ranges. Find your fit and join in on one of the coolest things to happen to clothing since the leather jacket.

Onesies in South Africa are available right now, right here.

Check out what happened when we introduced Onesies into Olympics here in Cape Town:

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