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Matching Onesie Worthy Couples Throughout History - One Big 5

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In light of our very exciting La Ninna Nanna double onesie & Debonairs Pizza giveaway this week, we're handing over this week’s One Big Five to couples, from the realms of fiction and reality, that we think most deserve the chance to mooch around in these ultra comfortable onesies! Let the countdown begin! 

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W.O.W. Party Drinks: Our Top Five Red Stag Cocktails

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With just a one days to go till the very first One UP South Africa party, the Wildlife Onesie Wonderland, we’ve got jolling on the mind. Onesies, CHECK. Facepaint, CHECK. Pre-party playlist, CHECK. And now, our minds are moving onto the finer details – the libation of the evening!  

We’re extremely excited to be sponsored by Red Stag spiced whisky and at One UP HQ, we took some quality time to get familiar with the beverage itself and come up with our favourite concoctions!


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Animal (onesie) Clans: One Big Five

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Now, the guys over at aFREAKa are constantly extending their offering of animal costumes. They didn’t stop at the big five, no, no, they’re covering all terrain’s and all habitats in perhaps, a gentle nod to the individualism and diversity of our beloved Rainbow Nation. Tree-dwellers, hillside grazers, lilypad poppers, Serengeti settlers and mystical apparitions are all on the cards.  

For this week’s One Big Five, we break down the aFREAKa animal onesie offering into their clans!

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5 celebrity ladies you voted to romance #inaonesie

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Alright, alright and we're back with a brand new One Big Five and this time, we gave you all the opportunity to 'dreamalize' the finest of female cele...
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