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Rihanna Onesie Style

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Rihanna's Amazingly Styled Onesies

We just wished Rihanna farewell after the South African leg of her Diamonds World Tour. We all know what a style icon she is, and she certainly didn't disappoint whilst exploring some of our amazing country, so I thought it appropriate to let her help us style our onesies. She's has been a huge fan of adult onesies right from the start and for those of you are still thinking "but how can I make a onesie look cool?"...look no further!

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Video: How to Twerk Like Miley

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How to Twerk Like Miley

We came across this pretty amusing video of a yank music company executive showing her audience how to work the twerk in a onesie.

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Who, where & what onesies for women guide

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Looking for onesies for women? Here's a few different popular onesie wearing scenario's and our recommendations

Reason number 1,001 that we love onesies: Versatility. The onesie for women is in fact is a master of wearability versatility and will see you through a number of different scenarios, outings and occasions. A girls onesie is no one trick pony, but with more and more brands developing their own take on onesies for women it’s becoming increasingly clear that no two all-in-one jumpsuits are the same and some are more well-suited to an occasion than others.  So, let’s take a look at some key onesie worthy occasions and their best match!

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Matching Onesie Worthy Couples Throughout History - One Big 5

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In light of our very exciting La Ninna Nanna double onesie & Debonairs Pizza giveaway this week, we're handing over this week’s One Big Five to couples, from the realms of fiction and reality, that we think most deserve the chance to mooch around in these ultra comfortable onesies! Let the countdown begin! 

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Competition: Onesie, VIP Tickets, Free Drinks & Costume Vouchers to be won this weekend

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Over R2500 worth of prizes will be given away in run up to the main event

Its less than week away to the One UP & aFREAKa WOW animal party and we've had a phenomenal response from party goers all over Cape Town, and sometimes further afield (Dan & Liesel from JO'Burg, were talking to you guys), gagging for the VIP bundles available to win. 

Were down to our last 2 packages and for this weekend only were going to make the remaining VIP giveaways a little more interesting.

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5 celebrity ladies you voted to romance #inaonesie

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Alright, alright and we're back with a brand new One Big Five and this time, we gave you all the opportunity to 'dreamalize' the finest of female cele...
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