Getting W.O.W ready! Animal Costume Tips from the One UP team

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Alright One UPers of South Africa! So, by now you’ve discovered your true animal spirit calling and you’ve likely aligned yourself with your rightful clan and now it’s time to take that final transformational step – it’s time to BECOME the animal.  

If you’re not a proudly animal onesie owner, there are still many, many ways you can get your animal freak on for this Thursdays Winter Onesie Wonderland party. Yes, with a little creativity, a little crafting, a little bit of accessorising and a whole lot of face paint you too can unleash the wild-side within you!

If you’re in need of a little nudge, the One UP team is here to help – here are a few suggestions on how to create an awesome costume from very little!

Your base

Of course, a good place to start is a hoodie and track pants (or leggings) in colours appropriate to your animal of choice (grey for elephants, green for geckos and pink for flamingos).

It’s all in the Details

It’s pretty easy to add details to your base costume. You can easily purchase a tail and some ears but why not try adding a little fluff to your new skin with some crafting feathers or fluffy material. A few pins here, a few stitches there, a little glue and you’re well on your way! If you want to make your own tail, simply use some material of a similar colour to your base and stitch it on - If you are making a cow or lion costume, why not try cutting the end of the tail into a fine fringe about three inches long. For a bunny tail, simply glue a handful of cotton balls together and attach to the back of the sweat pants.


Perhaps, the easiest and time tested tool for embracing a character is by adorning a mask, so it’s time to get out the facepaint boys and girls! With a good set of face and body paints the animal kingdom is your oyster. Why not check out Pinterest for some inspiration and if you’re looking to take it to the next level, here are some awesome video tutorials to take you on your journey…

If you’re inspired or need some more help with things like tails, animal ear headbands or face paints for your W.O.W. costume, drop by our friends at Mardi Gras as they’re giving all W.O.W goers 20% off any purchase made at their Bree Street costume institution-get your voucher here


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