W.O.W. Party Drinks: Our Top Five Red Stag Cocktails

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With just a one days to go till the very first One UP South Africa party, the Wildlife Onesie Wonderland, we’ve got jolling on the mind. Onesies, CHECK. Facepaint, CHECK. Pre-party playlist, CHECK. And now, our minds are moving onto the finer details – the libation of the evening!  

We’re extremely excited to be sponsored by Red Stag spiced whisky and at One UP HQ, we took some quality time to get familiar with the beverage itself and come up with our favourite concoctions!


1.Red Stag Shot

Alex: "I like to keep things straight and to the point.  In life, in business, and most certainly in whiskey. Keep your Red Stag in the freezer until shot time and it goes down nice and smooth. And there’s something a little Bond about whiskey served over ice in a short glass.  Refined gentleman, this is the drink to be drinking."

Red Stag Shot

25ml Red Stag served ice cold in a shot glass


2. Red Stag & Cola

Sarah: "I’m a little bit rockstar. Well, at least my alter-ego is... and I’ve been told that you can still say ‘I’m with the band’ even if it’s your little brother’s band. Obviously, so much time spent on the road (read Assembly) my drink standard is a Red Stag and coke. That’s me!"

Red Stag & Cola

37.5 to 50ml Red Stag served in a tall glass with ice

Topped with Cola 


3. The Hot Toddy

Emma: “Hot Toddy’s are my all-time favourite winter beverage. In my mind they make the perfect pre-party warmer and a crucial wind-down night cap.  Lemon, cinnamon, honey and whiskey.  What a treat!

Hot Toddy

3-4 Tea bags of choice

1 cinnamon stick

A handful of whole cloves

1-2 lemon


25ml of Red Stag per serving

Simmer up a few cloves, a cinnamon stick and your tea of choice in a large pot on the hob until fragrant.  Then put 1tsp of honey and a measure of whisky in a mug or heatproof glass and top up the concoction with your simmering mixture. Stir in a slice of lemon and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice!


4. Cranberry Cooler

Sean: “Some dudes mistake cranberry as a chicks drink but they’re all missing out.  Cranberry juice, lemonade and Red Stag goes is a sweet and spicy combination, and it goes down nice and easy.”

Cranberry Cooler

37.5 to 50ml Red Stag served in a tall glass with ice

50ml cranberry juice

Top with lemonade


5. Stag and Gingerale

Trish: "Red Stack Black Cherry Bourbon is at it’s finest when partnered with ginger ale, and an awesome drink for this time of year.  Equally warming and refreshing!  I drink mine with a squeeze or two of fresh lime."

Stag and Gingerale

37.5 tp 50ml Red Stag served in a tall glass over ice

Topped with gingerale

Squeeze of fresh lime

Well, One UPers of South Africa, there is not much more to say except we hope to be shakin' our tail feathers among you fine young animals tomorrow night at Cape Town's first onesie party, the Wildlife Onesie Wonderland party at Affinity Claremont. 

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