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Onesie & Tequila Party Cape Town - Friday 13th September

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Onesie & Tequila Party, Cape Town - Friday 13th of September

Onesie deals + Free drink for onesie wearers


When onesie fan Sarah Kennan came to us and said that she was throwing a Onesie and Tequila Party for her birthday, we sat down, took a deep breath and then explained to her at 90 words a second why this was one of the best ideas we'd heard since... forever. 

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WOW Party Gallery - the best safari in Cape Town

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Animal Onesie Safari hits Cape Town In case you didn't make it, this was the first One UP South Africa onesie party. The theme, simple, Wildlife. The...
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W.O.W. Party Drinks: Our Top Five Red Stag Cocktails

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With just a one days to go till the very first One UP South Africa party, the Wildlife Onesie Wonderland, we’ve got jolling on the mind. Onesies, CHECK. Facepaint, CHECK. Pre-party playlist, CHECK. And now, our minds are moving onto the finer details – the libation of the evening!  

We’re extremely excited to be sponsored by Red Stag spiced whisky and at One UP HQ, we took some quality time to get familiar with the beverage itself and come up with our favourite concoctions!


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Getting W.O.W ready! Animal Costume Tips from the One UP team

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Alright One UPers of South Africa! So, by now you’ve discovered your true animal spirit calling and you’ve likely aligned yourself with your rightful clan and now it’s time to take that final transformational step – it’s time to BECOME the animal.  

If you’re not a proudly animal onesie owner, there are still many, many ways you can get your animal freak on for this Thursdays Winter Onesie Wonderland party. Yes, with a little creativity, a little crafting, a little bit of accessorising and a whole lot of face paint you too can unleash the wild-side within you!

If you’re in need of a little nudge, the One UP team is here to help – here are a few suggestions on how to create an awesome costume from very little!

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Competition: Onesie, VIP Tickets, Free Drinks & Costume Vouchers to be won this weekend

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Over R2500 worth of prizes will be given away in run up to the main event

Its less than week away to the One UP & aFREAKa WOW animal party and we've had a phenomenal response from party goers all over Cape Town, and sometimes further afield (Dan & Liesel from JO'Burg, were talking to you guys), gagging for the VIP bundles available to win. 

Were down to our last 2 packages and for this weekend only were going to make the remaining VIP giveaways a little more interesting.

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One UP Give One Back with Ubuntu Africa

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For those of you out of the loop, at One UP South Africa, giving back is a consideration of everything we do.  Every year, we pledge to partner up with at least 6 different South African based ‘do-gooders’ and help raise awareness and funds for their cause in a very One UP way.  Additionally, for every hundred rand we make through advertising – we put one rand back into bettering South Africa. 

Last month, we had an awesome time with Steve Newman and Project Rhino KZN to help raise the profile of Rhino conservation, the dire truths about our dwindling Rhino population lost to poachers and ways to get involved. Remember the model clay skydive challenge? The Kauai Rhino Run? The Onesie Olympics? Yes, they’re all part of the fun we had whilst giving One Back to Project Rhino KZN.

So, as our time with Steve Newman + Project Rhino KZN comes to a close, we’re very excited to have confirmed our next Give One Back beneficiary, Ubuntu Africa (UBA)

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Animal (onesie) Clans: One Big Five

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Now, the guys over at aFREAKa are constantly extending their offering of animal costumes. They didn’t stop at the big five, no, no, they’re covering all terrain’s and all habitats in perhaps, a gentle nod to the individualism and diversity of our beloved Rainbow Nation. Tree-dwellers, hillside grazers, lilypad poppers, Serengeti settlers and mystical apparitions are all on the cards.  

For this week’s One Big Five, we break down the aFREAKa animal onesie offering into their clans!

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For this week's #musicfriday, One UP South Africa contributor, @mishful_thinkin has put forward a tune from a Synergy Live favourite, Al Bairre...

On one slightly inebriated afternoon last year I made my way through to the LMS stage, an awesome component of the annual event called Synergy Live. It was me, a few of my friends and a whole lot of new faces. A set was well on its way and we decided to form part of the swaying and pseudo-salsa-ing that was taking place as people danced to Al Bairre.

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5 Inappropriate places you voted to wear a onesie

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Alright, One UP crew, it’s time for another One Big Five and for this round, we asked YOU,  what’s the most inappropriate occasion you’d wear your onesie to. Your suggestions range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and some are just darn right wrong but either way they sure gave us a reason to chuckle.

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