5 Inappropriate places you voted to wear a onesie

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Alright, One UP crew, it’s time for another One Big Five and for this round, we asked YOU,  what’s the most inappropriate occasion you’d wear your onesie to. Your suggestions range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and some are just darn right wrong but either way they sure gave us a reason to chuckle.

 And so...

1.  A Wedding - For all the fashion sensations that have rocked the world, there has yet to be one that poses any real threat to the b2ap3_thumbnail_Onesie_wedding_photo_web.jpgultimate in occasion dressing, the precious white wedding gown of the bride and corresponding dapper suit of the groom. Not only has 'a wedding' come in as your most voted inappropriate occasion but couples across the globe are actually shunning the traditional wedding garb in favour of the onesie.  We reckon it’s only a matter of time, until an invite reading DRESSCODE: ONESIES ONLY appears in a mailbox near you. Any of you going to be the one to kick this off South Africa side - @callmeBen0 & @kierenjacobsen are keen apparently!

2.  A Morgue - When you spend your 9 - 5 in a place where newly deceased human corpses are stored, we think you’ve got a right to a little comfort, and if that comfort is found in trading in your scrubs for a onesie, then so be it! Yeah, yeah, the standard scrub attire may have that air of austerity to it, but all in all, there's not really much in it, easy to slip on and off... head to toe coverage... it does the job!  In this case, we say inappropriate today, is only tomorrow's appropriate! Thanks @megmad5

3.  The Papal Coronation - Oh, yes, the Papal Coronation - the commemorative moment that is the pinnacle of Catholic tradition and ritual since time immemorial. Now, this is prime inappropriate onesie wearing material! But come on! Popes, generally speaking, are not young guys and they deserve to be super cosy during this all important ceremony! I mean, everyone knows that they've got bespoke Vatican onesies on underneath their gowns anyway, in the name of transparency, let's see 'em. Good one @diginza!

4.  Parent Teacher Evening - In at number 4, we've got the doomsday of modern youth, yes, that's the parent-teacher conference. The "Now, Mr. and Mrs. Wylie, I'd like to talk to you about Kevin's lack of... becomes all the less painful, when you envision Mr. (insert nightmare teacher here) imparting his judgement in a onesie. Yes, a warm, snuggly, cozy, non-confrontational onesie! Be gone dreaded teacher of doom! Enter the fun-loving, slightly ridiculous, prematurely balding teacher dressed in a bunny rabbit all-in-one! Not so scary now.

5.  Meeting your Varisty dean - And finally to send us home, put forward by @erikthemagician, we have ‘meeting your university dean’ in at number 5. One would think that this could be one such (rare) situation when wearing a onesie won’t do you any favours but we say to the clouds with that! Dean's are not generally known for their sense of humour, rather their sober manner and butt-numbing welcome speeches but this is where the magic of the onesie really shines! Thanks Sam Hayward for this belter on Facebook!

And that’s it for now onesie aficionado's of South Africa, let the above scenarios be your mission, should you choose to accept! Over and out!

Choose your onesie man -  This next One Big 5 one is for you all girls - which heart-throb, slick haired, golden gem of a man celebrity would you want to snuggle in a matching onesie with?

Tell us Facebook or twitter and get featured in next weeks piece - never know, they may see it and want to take you up on it!

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