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Now, the guys over at aFREAKa are constantly extending their offering of animal costumes. They didn’t stop at the big five, no, no, they’re covering all terrain’s and all habitats in perhaps, a gentle nod to the individualism and diversity of our beloved Rainbow Nation. Tree-dwellers, hillside grazers, lilypad poppers, Serengeti settlers and mystical apparitions are all on the cards.  

For this week’s One Big Five, we break down the aFREAKa animal onesie offering into their clans!

1. The Farmyard CrewCow_afreaka.jpg

Like the legends that they are aFREAKa have created a worthy collection of farmyard animal onesies… all our favourite characters are here! This back-to-earth, friendly bunch include the chicken (funky chicken worthy), an adorable spotty cow, the quintessential farmyard cat and why, even a wildcard donkey and rabbits! 

2. The Tree Dwellers

For those of us with lofty ambitions, we might be drawn towards aFREAKa’s high-flyers.  A flying squirrel suit your style? More of an owl? If you’ve a penchant for pouches, then maybe the Koala onesie is the style for you! 

3. Mystical Madness

Yes, the animals of the real world are amazing… undoubtedly. However, some of us may feel attuned to the animal style of fantasy fairytales. Dragons and unicorns are on the cards boys and girls!   

4. Onesies, Africa Style

Now, the onesie trend may have seen a Scandinavian beginning with the brand One Piece of Norway but aFREAKa is steadfast on puttingaFREAKa_tiger.jpg Africa’s stamp on the onesie. aFREAKa animal onesies take the big five outside of the game park and into the streets and have invited zebras and springboks to join the party! YES! 

5. The Misfits!

These guys aren’t part of any particular circle, they’re constantly jumbling and jiving around, unable to be placed or identified with a particular grouping.  Ring a bell?  In this space oddity there’s Mr. Frog, the hamster, the elusive desert fox and the harlequin bull! 

To see the full range of aFREAKa animal onesies on the aFREAKa facebook, priced at R700 for adults, check out their  

If you’re still at a loss for what your inner animal spirit calling may be, then our Inner Animal Guide should totally help you on your path of discovery.  We’re just over a week away from the big One UP x aFREAKa Winter Onesie Wonderland party so happy hunting!


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