Mystery locations, British bands & Wet Tshirts - 5GUM Experience in J'Burg with Meg

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Yet another excellently organised 5 Gum Experience, the 19th of April turned out to be one of the most enjoyable concerts of all time. A few weeks prior, 5 Gum released the name of the international act to be performing and indie lovers all over were overjoyed to hear that we stood a chance see The Kooks live in Johannesburg.Kooks_5gum.PNG

I was among the lucky of the thousands of entrants to win two tickets. It was all a very secretive affair; all we knew was to arrive at the Oriental Plaza and that buses would be taking us to the “secret location.” The mystery of the night heightened our excitement and expectations – the 19th couldn't arrive soon enough! 

Of course, as life goes, on the night of the concert the Joburg sky decided to open up, drenching us all with one of her thundershowers. Thousands of revelers braved through the cold rain as they waited for the buses in a queue outside the Oriental Plaza. By the time we arrived at this “secret location” we were eager enough to forget about the rain and get the night started. 

The venue was, in my opinion, one of the best concert locations of all time: under the M2 highway. 5 Gum had done an excellent job of making the underside of the highway look incredibly festive by lighting it with purple lights. It was enchanting. 

The opening acts, Shortstraw, The Stella's and DJ Half n Half, kept us dancing and happy until the street was packed, bursting, with people waiting for the main act. I could feel the street filling with anticipation, and soon enough there were so many people that I was forced to make friends with all the people around me since we were already standing so close together. The Kooks arrived on stage with their big hair and British accents and had us screaming their name until half past midnight. We were blown away, and sang along to all the songs we knew.

They played a few old favourites such as “Ooh La”, “Seaside” and “Sway”, as well as some newer material. When the band left the stage the first time, they were compelled to come back by the screaming of “encore” from the crowds, and played two more favourites: Junk of the Heart and Naïve. Finally, we let them leave, satisfied after one of the most festive indie concerts ever to be held in the city of Joburg.

Our clothes were soaked, our feet numb and our voices sore. We departed from the venue, happy after a night of dancing, jumping, singing and screaming. I can't thank 5 Gum enough for both the free packet of gum, as well as hosting one of the greatest concerts in the best location. All the tweeters and instagramers made sure that all their friends and followers knew of  everything that was happening, making this concert was one of the most envied nights of all time, a night I'll never forget.

 Thanks again to Meg for another awesome inside edition from the world of music! Follow Meg on her adventures @megrouxx

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