Give One Back

What is Give One Back?

As much as we can chat the onesie chat and jol around amazing events and gigs in South Africa, Instagraming this and YouTubing that, we at One UP feel that every now and then, one should try and give something back.

That's why we launched Give One Back. Quite simply, for every R100 we generate we will give R1 back into bettering South Africa. Covering bases from endangered species to common disease support, Give One Back ensures that as much as we're having fun doing what we do and helping our brand partners, that those that need a leg up every now and then get something too.

Who gets One Back?

Every year, Onesie South Africa be working with a fine selection organisations helping to make South Africa an even more beautiful and peaceful nation. We'll be introducing our cause partners one by one, over the next few months and also working with them to create some interesting content for you to share and help us increase our support. They have all been chosen for on their values, creativity and their dedication.

Our active partners for 2013 so far are:

Can I get involved?

Onesie South Africa loves nothing more than getting everyone involved. We're a sharing kind of bunch and believe that if someone has good ideas to help a good cause, then we will always do what we can to help get their idea out there and do their bit to Give One Back. If you have an idea or just have a moment of guilt and decide you need to find resolve and do something good, then get in touch.

We have picked our partners for this year but if you are a cause and want to put yourself forward for 2014, please do get in touch in October 2013 when we'll be looking at who else we can help.

One Life. More Living. Give One Back.


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