Meet Onesie SA team

 Meet the Onesie South Africa Team & Contributors


James is a Floridian who moved to Cape Town shores with a dream, pale faced from freezing London town but with beeming excitement for promoting new trends in South Africa and entertaining the young and occasionally reckless.

The Onesie SA partnerships co-ordinnator and die hard table football player, Alex loves comedy films, ridiculous dancing, nonsense chat, viral videos, keeping fit, bad dad style jokes and his new South African vocab lessons from Sean & BFG.

Alex one UP
Emma is an fashion marketer and blogger with a big dosage of world explorer who has also recently moved to Cape Town. She loves a good pilates session, food fairs, wild international fashion trends, inspiring characters and champagne. Emma One Up

Sean is our operations guy, a die hard Stormers fan and somewhat of a dab hand at jol coordination. A social cat, Sean discovered his first onesie whilst being beaten at mini-golf by an 11 year old girl, something he has to this day not fully regained confidence in.

When not chatting the evening away with friends, driving fresh fish around or planning revenge on young family members for sporting grievances, Sean puts his network into action to arrange some good old onesie party-fun. Watch this space!

Sean One UP

Misha is never more herself than when listening to music or scribbling in the back of a book. Or when doing the running man to seal the deal in a dance off.

Born and bred in Cape Town and currently a student at Rhodes University. Lover of all things local, party-related, scenic and a giggle or two never hurt anyone. Full of pop-culture references, bad jokes and funny faces.

Misha One UP



Meg is a Johannesburg city girl through and through. A fan of novels, travel and photography, she's a nerd here to show South Africa that nerds can be cool too.

A student by day, and a social butterfly by night, Meg writes whenever she's not studying, reading or tweeting. When she isn't roaming the art galleries and exhibitions of downtown Joburg, Meg can be found in small coffee shops drinking green tea and listening to good local music.


 Meg roux Holi One 2



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